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Perasto, Montenegro- Day time, July-August

Waking up in a house with several of my friends. Mid day, more often afternoon actually. Everybody’s having lunch, while we are arguing who’s going to make the coffee, not any kind, the sour turkish coffee that can bring even zombies back to life, because, well, we’re not in a better form than an actually zombie, except that technically we’re alive. This legendary coffee is called ”sikteruša”, meaning bitter or sour.

Now that takes up a whole half hour to serve 6 people. Which is painful. One is making coffee, the other is waking the rest up. Sitting at the round table, with only 3 chairs, the other 3 are forced to either sit on the stairs, couch or even on the floor. After the ”morning”coffee, one of us is always hyperactive and ready to have fun, let’s not forget, it’s the rare carefree time of our young lives, all we want to do is lay down on the beach, play some volley, and of course my best friends and cousin, all being adolescent males , checking out the girls in the bikinis and making vulgar comments. The girls and I are playing some volley, and the rest of our town friends whom I’ve known for 15 years join us. Music playing in the background, usually some deep house or lounge music.

After a nice ”morning stretch and exercise”, around 4-5 o’clock, the men start their first round.


-“the usual?”

-“you know me!”

-”To our health!” they yell


It goes on and on. They cheer to every possibility, be it ”to us”, ”to our girls”, ”to life”, ”to old loves”, ”to our fucked up world”, ”to the beauties of the prettier half, hey! Lady, come have a drink with us!”. I would of thought it would end there, but their metabolism is quiet in shape for such a lifestyle. It continues, of course with some breaks, joining our female half drinking either some light cocktails or juice, or some even nescafe. 

The day passes with hours of swimming, chilling out in the shallow waters, or tanning, some read, some listen to music, some gossip, some as mentioned before, drown themselves in alcohol, and some just simply detach from the world and dive deeper into their thoughts under the burning sun. 

Obviously, everyone is competing who’s going to get more tan, the tanner the ”hotter”. The sun is up until 8 or even 8:30 pm, and we head to our beach houses, and set a time when we’re going to meet in the evening, for more frolicking! 

Some of the groups choose to go out, some to stay in the small town, and just relax. My closest and I are usually the ones out.

”Let’s check out every angle of Montenegro while our stay!”- I claim.

-” Klara, you’re not going to be able to check out Montenegro if you’re in a club”

-”Draža, don’t be smart with me, you know what I mean ”brate”(translation brother)

-“I’m just telling you!”

-“Let him be, he’s talking about ”karma” ”- says Miloš suffocating from laughter teasing the nerd in the house.

_” Hamster-boy, where’s your whiskey bottle, you don’t want to spoil it, and don’t talk about things you don’t know!”

-” Hey, dudes, calm down, listen to the new ibiza mix, have a drink, you know, turn on the summer mode dude”-Emilia gets into the picture with her random outbursts of hedonism.

-” Cheers dude!” I come along and leave the my cousin and miloš to their nonsense. ” So what’s on the agenda for tonight?” 

-”Honestly, no clue, I don’t feel like moving..drink?”

-”I think Budva would be a good one ey? Sparta? Nice house music, or are you in the mood for some turbofolk ?”

-”A brate, no turbobullshit, house it is. Jelena you agree?”

-” Soup’s ready guys! Oh, and yeah i  dont care. I’m down for anything”

-” Karbonare is done people, let’s get a move on it’s almost 930, we have 4 girls to take showers, get all pretty including Miloš!” Rasta comes in laughing while Milosh is getting irritated by the second.

They all eat, Emilia and I continue plotting the scenarios for going out and who is going to wear what. 

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